#13: Good News!

It has been a while since our last post, but that's not to say nothing exciting has happened in the past week. As Jon mentioned in our last couple of posts (here and here), there is a newly entangled whale, 2007 Calf of Eg #1701.

Well, as suspected, it appears our disentanglement efforts were a success! On January 4th, the 2007 Calf of Eg #1701 was spotted gear free by Wildlife Trust-Georgia (WT/GA) aerial survey team! We were all very excited and relieved when we heard the news especially because only about 50 percent of disentanglement attempts are successful.

It has been very gratifying for us to participate in a successful disentanglement but we are all hoping this will be the last entangled whale of the year. Eg #3294--the first entangled whale of the season--has not been re-righted since our last disentanglement effort on December 18 but we are optimistic that the next time we see it it will be gear free. You can search for information and photos of these individual whales by their numbers on the North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog.



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