#12: Entangled Whale Update

After affixing the telemetry buoy to the remaining fishing line attached to Eg #1701's 2007 calf the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission research vessel Orion called it a day. On Sunday, the information received from the telemetry buoy lead researchers to believe that the buoy had become adrift of the whale. The last updated position of the buoy was in our survey area. Kara and I located the buoy, which was attached to approximately 100 feet of fishing line, and reported the position to the r/v Orion. The r/v Orion was already receiving the signal from the VHF signal emitted from the telemetry buoy, but now had a definite position to head for. They successfully recovered the telemetry buoy and approximately 100 ft of line attached to it. The 2007 Calf of #1701 has not been sighted since the telemetry buoy was attached, but it is suspected that the gear that remained on the animal when the buoy was attached shed along with the buoy. The story made the local news and was in the Washington Post.


Photo: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission under NOAA Permit #932-1489


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