#6: First Peek at Roseway Basin

The Roseway team left for their first offshore adventure on Monday afternoon. As we cruised through the Bay of Fundy, we worked to set up our bunks, review safety procedures and familiarize ourselves with the vessel. With the goal of getting to Roseway on Tuesday morning, we steamed through the night, rotating teams of two at the helm while others slept.

Sam tries on a survival suit.

We started surveying at the western edge of the Basin once some fog had cleared up, and surveyed throughout the day. We completed one full track line and nearly half of another. Sadly, we did not find any right whales (same as our colleagues back in Lubec). Many common dolphins were seen, but few large whales were sighted: 3 fin, 3 minke and 3 humpbacks. We spent some time in the afternoon practicing our photography skills with a humpback.

Ventral fluke pattern of the humpback whale we spent some time with

Having kept an eye on the weather, Moe and Joe knew that Wednesday was not looking favorable; in fact, a system was approaching with strong winds, rain and fog. Heading in to port so soon after leaving was a bit disappointing, but getting beat up at sea would have been worse. We docked at night alongside fishing boats, and got a good night's sleep.

The Shelagh tied up at Cape Sable Island

This morning, Sam spoiled us with a pancake breakfast, we refueled the Shelagh, and our data protocols were reviewed. The port is covered in fog and rain showers have passed over us several times. We're checking the forecast, and hopefully will be back on Roseway sooner than later!


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