#3: Meet Brigid!

This season we've invited new faces to the team to introduce themselves and provide a little background on what led them to our research program. First up is Brigid!
Hi! My name is Brigid McKenna and I am one of the seasonal research assistants on the NEAq right whale team. This is my first full field season here in the Bay of Fundy, though I'm not completely new to the team. Last year, I helped out on the R/V Nereid for a few weeks shortly after I finished my masters at the University of St Andrews

Brigid and Walter (dog pictured at left) have been a wonderful addition to the team.
I started participating in marine mammal research in 2010 through Whale &Dolphin Conservation (WDC), with a focus on Gulf of Maine humpbacks. Since then I have been involved with another humpback research program at the Center for Coastal Studies (CCS), spinner dolphin work in Hawaii through the SAPPHIRE project (Duke & Murdoch Universities), and have recently been collecting data on right whales at CCS on both vessel and aerial platforms. I am really excited to be back in Lubec this year with my dog, Walter, and ever more stoked to be going out on the water to see right whales in this habitat.


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