#2: The Gang's All Here

It seems that everyone is migrating as they should. The research station is buzzing with activity- eight of us have been cleaning the office and house, organizing disentanglement gear, unpacking and testing research equipment, setting up computers and networks, and making sure the boat is fueled and ready to go.

Monica takes inventory of our whale disentanglement kit, which accompanies us on every survey in case we encounter an entangled whale.

Amid all this activity we got an email from our colleague Laurie Murison at the Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station that right whales are in the Bay of Fundy, and in numbers like the old days! We have had a few years of scarce right whale sightings in the Bay and it is exciting to hear this news.

Optimistic that our first day on the water could look like this- just like the old days.

So as our first full day here as a team comes to a close, the equipment is all stacked by the door, food is purchased, the boat fueled, and the researchers eager. The weather is calling for light winds, but patches of fog and rain- the question is how big are those patches?? Keep your fingers crossed for clear weather on Wednesday.


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