#10: Where did they go??

Dan and Bill looking for whales in glassy sea. Photo: Marilyn Marx

Sunday was a stunningly beautiful day out in the Bay of Fundy--a glass calm sea state and excellent visibility. With the three vessels mentioned in our last blogNereid, Callisto and Selkie we did an extensive surveyWe could see for miles and found humpbacks, fin whales, molas, dolphins and basking sharks, but no right whales were sighted.

Team member Orla O'Brien has identified this humpback as Photon, an adult female. Photo Amy Knowlton

A good look at an approaching Mola mola. Photo: Marilyn Marx

An Atlantic white-sided dolphin surfing in the Nereid''s wake. Photo: Marilyn Marx

We were disappointed of course, but are hopeful that the Bay will soon be back to the way it was in 2006 when  photographer Brian Skerry got this wonderful photo of the Nereid working a surface active group for a National Geographic article about right whales.

Photo: Brian Skerry


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