#25: BOF 2015 By The Numbers

2 months
21 team staff and volunteers
4 survey boats (Nereid, Callisto, Shelagh, Jupiter)
3 survey areas (Bay of Fundy [BOF], Roseway Basin [RB], Gulf of St. Lawrence [GSL])
35 survey days total
3073 nautical miles on survey total
2 individual whales photographed by GSL team
8 individual whales photographed by BOF team
14 individual whales photographed by RB team
17 known North Atlantic right whale calves born in 2015
1 mom/calf pair sighted (Calvin!)
1 entangled whale seen
1 whale with severe injury seen (chopped fluke)
0 poop samples
0 biopsy samples
1 stranded basking shark
1 orca (Old Thom)
3 years out of 3 that Kelsey has missed Old Thom sightings
3 separate events of fishing rope caught around Nereid propeller
1 unfinished dock
1 massive fog monster
36 field seasons in BOF completed!

"But... how do we get to shore?"

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