The Perfect Holiday Gift – one that makes a difference!

This time of year, when we show our care for others, is the perfect time to help make a difference in the recovery of one of Earth’s most endangered species, the North Atlantic Right Whale. How? By giving the gift of a Right Whale sponsorship as part of The North Atlantic Right Whale Research Program of the New England Aquarium.
The Right Whale is a species that has been hunted to near extinction; a species whose habitat along the coast of eastern North America is one of the most congested, industrial, and urbanized pieces of ocean in the world; a species that, while no longer hunted, is still under intense survival pressure due to high mortality from ship strikes and fishing gear entanglements. Today, fewer than 600 North Atlantic Right Whales remain in the entire world.

Right whale calf. Photo: Yan Guilbault

But, we’re working hard to change all that.

Started in 1980, The Right Whale Research Program of the New England Aquarium is one of the longest continuously running whale research and conservation programs in the world.  Working with government, scientists, the shipping industry, and commercial fishing interests, the Right Whale Research Program seeks to find ways to assure the continued survival of these magnificent animals. 

One of our research teams at work! 

Tax-deductable sponsorships are available at many different levels and go directly towards the research and conservation work focused on saving this most endangered whale.  100% of your sponsorship dollars will go towards supporting this critical cause, so you know your contribution will help in making a difference.

To find out more on how you can sponsor a North Atlantic Right Whale please visit www.neaq.org/rwsponsor .

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