#18: Soccer Shenanigans

When weather keeps us on land and the lack of whales/internet problems frustrate us to no end, all that pent up energy needs to go somewhere; therefore, a common August pastime is a good, friendly game of soccer to liven up Lubec life.  Soccer captain and "professional" player Philip Hamilton will rally the troops (sometimes a group as small as 4 or as large as 14), and we will all head over to the high school soccer field.  

Photo by Bill McWeeny

We improvise a bit without proper goals (water bottles for goal posts) or sidelines (no out-of-bounds), but that is all part of the fun! We regard rules more as guidelines (we are scientists after all!), so usually halfway into the game, certain people start using tactics more commonly witnessed during a game of rugby, hockey or wrestling.  But major injuries are few and far between, so fun is had by all.  

Photos by Bill McWeeny

During the last week of August, when several families of team members were in town visiting, we marched over to the field and had a great game that was generously photographed by Bill McWeeny.  We thought you all might enjoy a look at what we do to keep spirits up and laughter plentiful.  

Photo by Bill McWeeny


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