# 9 20 Days and 20 Nights

We arrived at our field station in Lubec, ME, on August 1st; it has taken us 20 days before our first Bay of Fundy right whale sighting. Granted, the offshore team (on the Shelagh) documented right whales last week, but the crew working in the Bay of Fundy has basically been starving for a right whale sighting! 

Mom and calf as they head down on a terminal dive (mom rasing her flukes out of the water). 
Photo: New England Aquarium/Kara Mahoney-Robinson. 
Our sighting was of a Mom/Calf pair (Catalog  #3513), and while we would love to brag about finding these right whales on our own, we can’t. We are very appreciative to our colleagues from the Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station who, not only found the pair, but stood by for at least an hour for the R/V Nereid to arrive!  

Catalog #3513 swims in the Bay of Fundy.  Photo: New England Aquarium/ Kara Mahoney-Robinson 

Right Whale #3513 is an 8 year-old, and this is her first calf.  Hopefully we will see them again soon (update on this pair here!) and will be able to continue to document the calf as it grows larger and weans from its mother.


  1. Hey!first babies are so special. NW in Florida.

  2. Very exciting news! Thanks, Monica, for the update.

    Carol Zani

  3. Thanks for all the work you do and especially for sharing it with us!! It is greatly appreciated! =D