Speed restrictions for protection of right whales in perpetuity!

A proposed rule put forward by the National Marine Fisheries Service was posted today in the Federal Register. The proposed rule would extend, in perpetuity, speed restrictions implemented in December of 2008, due to expire in December 2013. This is exciting news for right whales! We'll provide more details about this story soon. But the bottom line is that the shipping industry is to be commended for complying with this rule that has clearly made a difference for the North Atlantic right whale. Comments on the proposed rule are due by August 6, 2013. Please take the opportunity to provide your input and show support for this important rule!

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  1. That's a great law! Save the North Atlantic Right Whales from extinction! Boats travel at extremely fast speeds to the point that they may not be seen in the water.Thank you for helping to keep this species thriving and safer from human impact.