Searching for Right Whales in Winter

New England Aquarium right whale researchers Moira Brown, Marianna Hagbloom and Tracy Montgomery are currently out to sea off Jordan Basin braving the freezing temperatures and high winds with the team from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution aboard the Research Vessel Endeavor.

  From left to right, Aquarium right whale researchers Marianna Hagbloom, Moira Brown and Tracy Montgomery

One of our several stormy days on the water, winds topped 35 knots on three days.

Why brave these waters in December? To find the elusive right whale mating ground. If you have been following the team’s blogs over the years, you will know they have made this attempt before. Learn more in these posts: Successful Trip to the Mating Ground and Quest for the Right Whale Mating Ground.

Tracy and Marianna on watch

This year the Researchers have the help of acoustic gliders, which detect right whale calls deep in the ocean. Did they find a right whale? Stay tuned…

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  1. This is pretty cool! :D I want to do this someday!!!