#24: BOF 2012 By The Numbers

2 months
18 team members
1 house
3 survey boats
20 survey days
of those survey days aborted or cut short due to wind or fog
0 right whale poop samples
known North Atlantic right whale calves born in 2012
1 unique 2012 right whale calf sighted
3 days of mom/calf pair recordings by acoustic team
299 whale calls recorded by acoustic team
20+ dozen eggs eaten by crew
1 bowhead whale
1 orca
2 sperm whales
1 right whale trapped and freed from herring weir
45 unique individual right whales sighted
80 sightings added to the catalog

A short video filmed from the bow of the R/V Nereid, showing the 2011 calf of #1243 breaching in the Bay of Fundy on 21 August 2012.

Compare to BOF 2011 By The Numbers!


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