#6: Waiting for the weather to change

Although we were optimistic about our weather window for the week, our slew of several consecutive beautiful days on the water turned into just one day. Although we did find right whales when we went out, sightings were difficult because of the sea state, and because the whales had moved from the locations we had been seeing them! Who knew?! We'll be blogging with a full update very soon!

The R/V Nereid, looking unhappily fogged in.

Hopeful for a second day on the water for the week and not entirely sure if the forecasts were as terrible as they sounded, we poked our noses out. Sure enough, the fog bank we encountered on land stretched past the Grand Manan channel and into the Bay of Fundy. Thankfully, the R/V Nereid is equipped with excellent GPS and Radar systems which guided us home safely.

Not ideal conditions in the Bay.

While we're waiting for the weather to turn in our favor, we are getting lots of work done in the office. Our data sets from our previous trips out are being processed, and we're busy matching the whales so we know who is in the Bay this year. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather so that we can get back out there!

Looking at whales on computer screens is almost as fun as seeing them in the field!


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