#38 Far Out!

The past week or two we have been having a lot of right whale sightings farther out to sea. Mostly, the right whales on the calving grounds like to hang out in the near-shore, shallow waters within 20 miles from shore, but lately we've noticed that the clear, deeper blue waters over 20 miles from shore seem to be more popular.

This trend is a bit of a treat for us, as off-shore waters are much more translucent and beautiful than the murkier in-shore waters, which are usually mucked up by the many river deltas up and down the coast. The accompanying photos were taken out in the deep blue and allow for a marvelous look at the whales' bulky bodies as they coast beneath the surface.

Photo credits: New England Aquarium; Kelly Slivka (top) and Karen Vale (bottom left and right).