#29: Right Whales on CNN

On Sunday, February 15, John Sutter from CNN online came to Florida to find out about right whales. He interviewed with us, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Council (FWC) and the Marineland volunteer network trying to capture all of the efforts involved in protecting this majestic creature.

We brought him to our plane to see our team in action and then to our field station to observer how we process all of our data. He asked a lot of interesting questions and took hours of audio recordings. Feeling that he fully captured the dedication of the aerial observers, he headed south to St. Augustine where he met up with the FWC team to discuss the boat board effort.

From there he headed further south to meet the Marineland volunteer network comprised of more than 200 individuals. John put together a comprehensive story about right whales and the efforts involved in monitoring and conserving this population.

There are a number of different webpages dedicated to right whales on the CNN site. I have labeled them to make it an easier search.

Searching for right whales (Plane, Boat, Land)

Spotting Endangered Species from the Skies

How to Identify a right whale

Some of our favorite whales



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